Welcome to Bread and thank you for coming to and participating in this blog.

Since December, 2007, I have written a periodic [one to four times a week (M-F)] e-mail of thoughts on God’s Word for the day, using as a springboard the 1979 Book of Common Prayer Daily Office (Bible readings) for the choice of daily Scripture.

The Book of Common Prayer is used in various forms throughout the worldwide Anglican communion and has been so used since the middle 1500’s (so it has been used continuously for almost 500 years). Contained within it is a two year cycle of Scripture readings. These readings have two purposes. One is to create a mechanism whereby the entire Bible is read over a period of time. The second is to form a framework for family and individual house and church services, called Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer.

It is my intent and prayer that these written messages and the discussions they generate be thought-provoking in positive ways, in ways which build up our faith and walk.  That is why I am calling these communications and this blog “Bread.”

                                                                                         George B. Flint


2 Responses to “About Bread”

  1. Sam Skelton Says:


    I thought this was definitely one of the best ones yet. It is a subject that no one wants to discuss; that one’s life will end, and, that end, is viewed by most of the “younger than 50 crowd” in western culture as that of some day in the distant future, but not today, or tomorrow, or next week, month, year.

    “No one gets out alive”

    I don’t know who said it. It can be viewed from several different perspectives. Secular and without God comes first to mind. It seems as if this would be spoken by someone who doesn’t know God, but understands the finality and fatality that awaits us all. Thanks be to God for our salvation in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who holds in the palm of His Hand and saves us from the finality that awaits all life on earth.

    Thanks George for being available for the Lord to be used in this good work for the sake of rest of us. Blessings, Sam

  2. Sam Skelton Says:

    George, I never fail to be amazed and humbled at how the Lord uses you to bring a timely message of how he recalls us to Himself thru His Word. YOur message on Wandering and Freedom rings so true. Thanks again, Sam

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