Bread -Uphold

March 1, 2017

Psalm 54

“Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life…” Ps. 54:4

There is a picture fixed in my mind from a commercial which ran long ago.  The picture is of a professional football player (probably someone on the line, because he was a giant) holding in a cradle next to him and brand new baby.  The baby was content, as was the professional football player.  The professional football player did not need the baby to survive, but the baby sure needed the professional football player.

When I think of God upholding my life, that image of the football player and the baby comes to mind.

We like to think of ourselves as the football player, getting ahead in life by crushing the opposition, standing our ground, blocking out the bad from getting through, and ultimately helping our team win the day.  But, really, we are the baby.  We have no food but for that food provided by the Father, we have no life which is not upheld for us by God, we have no strength to fight off our enemies, and we can plan until the cows come home, but it is the Lord who provides.

God commands us to love one another as He has loved us.  Maybe another way of thinking about this is that we are commanded to uphold one another as we ourselves have been and are being upheld by God.

The nature of upholding someone is that we are beneath them, holding them up.  They are on top and we, by choice, are on the bottom.  We no not uphold by pushing down but by lifting up.  We uphold by making ourselves lesser so that the one we are upholding may become greater.

To uphold someone means that our foundation, where we place our feet, must be firm.  We cannot uphold another from a place of weakness, but only from a place of strength.

How is it that the professional football player made himself lesser in order to uphold the baby?  He stopped what he was doing to hold the baby, and he waited on the baby.  The football player sacrificed himself so that the baby would have a safe, peaceful place to live.

So God so much wanted to uphold me that He sent Himself, the Son, into the world to die for me.  He put Himself on the bottom so that I might be lifted up into the throne room of God.

Just as David said so long ago – “The Lord is the upholder of my life.”  And because I stand upon a firm foundation and because I am upheld, I can uphold others.

Who will we uphold today … in our prayers, in our thoughts, in our words, and in our actions?  Look around, we have lots of people to select from.  Including those who live with us.


© 2017 GBF   All Scripture quotations are from the English Standard Version (2001), unless otherwise indicated.



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