Bread – Iniquity

August 29, 2016

Psalm 32

Bless is the man against whom the Lord counts no iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no deceit.”  Ps. 32:2

This is the last of the three types of sin which the Lord deals with through and in Jesus Christ.  The first one on Monday was the sin of transgression, the idea that we personally rebel against God and His authority.  We transgress God, we personally rebel against Him, every time we attempt to place ourselves above Him or treat Him as our equal or place Him under our judgment and evaluation.  This sin is in the context of our relationship to God and offends Him.  This sin God forgives through Jesus Christ.

The second type of sin we discussed on Wednesday was the one of failing to meet God’s plumb line of righteousness, of obedience to His law.  This is the idea of missing the mark, failing to hit the bulls-eye in archery.   This sin is in the context of our relationship to God’s law, His standards for our lives.  This sin God covers in the blood of Jesus Christ.

The third type of sin in our reading today on Friday completes the trio.  That is the sin of character, of corruptness, of being crooked in our ways and in our walk.  It is called “iniquity” and is often translated simply as “sin.”  This sin is in the context of our relationship with ourselves, where we corrupt the image of God imprinted on us into something ugly, something twisted.  In study, we might call this the fight between the old man (outside of Christ) and the new man (inside of Christ).  It shows up in inconsistency and in doing what we know we ought not to do.

What does God do with this sin?  He ignores it; actually, as the Psalm says, He does not “count” it against us.  Why not?  Because for those who believe in Christ, Christ’s righteousness is counted in place of our own unrighteousness, our own iniquity.  God does not count our iniquity against us because He counts Christ’s righteousness instead.

Our offense against God, our offense against the law, our offense against ourselves – all of these are forgiven, covered, and not counted against us when we believe in Jesus Christ.

So, what’s stopping us?


© 2016 GBF   All Scripture quotations are from the English Standard Version (2001), unless otherwise indicated.




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