Bread – Vanished

March 23, 2016

Psalm 12

 “Save, O Lord, for the godly one is gone;…” Ps. 12:1

My ESV translation has Psalm 12 titled “The Faithful Have Vanished.”  That got me to thinking about what would happen when the “godly one is gone,” when the “faithful have vanished.”

We know sooner or later it will happen, because God in Revelation speaks about it.

But just imagine, if you can, what will happen when the godly one vanishes, when the faithful are no more to be found, when God removes His restraining hand from the affairs of man and lets us have our own way, in every way devised by man and dreamed by him.

Sodom and Gomorrah may be picnics by comparison.

What if there were no one around who cared about you, but only cared about themselves?  What if there was no one left to print Bibles, much less read them, much less speak truth from them?  What if there were no Bible studies, where men and women attempt to conform their lives to God’s will and His Word?  What if the foundations of our laws, the rule of law built upon God’s law, were to evaporate and the law became what the strongest among us decided it was?

What if there were no boundaries, no markings of where the road begins and where it ends, no hope, no limits, no eternity … just the here and now, just those with power and those without, just those with food and those without, just those battling for their place in the march of evolution?  Would there be any old people, any people of a different background or color or race or religion, any disabled people, any caregivers?

Think about just that last category – caregivers.  These are people who care for the sick and infirm, those who cannot care for themselves.  What if they were not givers but takers?  What if, when you were sick in your house, your neighbors break in and take what they want?

When it is your rights which are being taken away, your property being stolen, your liberty imprisoned, your life in jeopardy … why would you be upset?  After all, the faithful have vanished.  And what we cherish … love, growth, hope, opportunity, happiness, life, property, liberty …. all will be gone in an instant, because whese things do not rest on the foundation of man but the foundation of God, and when the faithful have vanished, we can only hope and pray that God has not vanished with them.

Many say, let’s get God out of our lives, let’s drive the faithful to their places of worship and ban them from the public square of life, government, and business.  If the faithful have vanished to their places of worship, where will we be?

When the Shepherd is gone, the wolves have their way with the sheep.

God forbid that the faithful ever vanish.  God forbid that the godly one is gone.  But if they are, then our prayer needs to be “Save, O Lord.”  Because He will be the only One left who can save us, because we cannot save ourselves.


© 2016 GBF   All Scripture quotations are from the English Standard Version (2001), unless otherwise indicated.




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