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March 11, 2016

Psalm 10

“The Lord is king forever and ever; the nations perish from His land.” Ps. 10:16

This weekend has been beat down week.  On Monday, I wrote about the characteristics of the walking atheist, the person who claims to follow Christ but walks daily as if he and she do not believe He is present.  Unfortunately, as we apply those characteristics to ourselves [arrogance (boastfulness; pride), prosperity, apparent security, abusive speech, and aggression (violence)], we find that, although we are not atheists in the classic sense (no belief in God), we may act like atheists more than we think.

On Wednesday, I took one of these characteristics, prosperity, and built on it.  One of the reasons I did is that we live in place and a time of great prosperity, where great riches come to the people who are expert at the game of life.  But the game of life is played according to two sets of rules, and we pick which sets of rules we live by.   One set of rules are the rules of the game of life according to the world (which really means man, and behind man, Satan).  Those people who play by these rules often win and win big, and those of us who see that wonder where God’s judgment is on them because they always seem so prosperous.  The second set of rules are of the rules of the game of life according to God.  Those people who play by these rules experience prosperity of heart, and, depending upon the resources which God commits to them as stewards, may have much or little according to the prosperity of things.

Today, Friday, is the third beat down.  I’m sorry, but Psalm 10 is focused on the people of the world who claim God but do not follow His ways, the people who say they believe in Christ but do not integrate Him into their behavior.  It is focused on their characteristics and their behaviors flowing from their character, and it is focused on the seeming failure of God to show up to punish them (and us) for our transgressions of His law.

Today’s quote from Psalm 10 is close to the end of the Psalm and reminds us for the punishment which awaits those who say that there is a God but produce no good fruit in keeping with that statement.  It reminds us of who the creator is and who God is.  It tells us who our king, our ruler is.  And it tells us the end – “the nations perish from His land.”

There is an end to the story and, for the nations who walk separate from God, who claim to know God but ignore His rules of life, for the nations which in their arrogance point to their prosperity and say “we did this,” for the nations which step on the poor, for the nations whose speech and actions are debased and abusive, and for the nations who take what they want, when they want, from whom they want – for those nations, there is an end.  They will end; they will perish; they will be no more.

Now there will be a tendency of the reader to translate the word “nation” into “government,” and immediately point to the government as the problem.  It will be the government which does all these bad things and it will be the government which ends and perishes from the earth.  This would be a wrong translation.  The word “nations” means “people,” you and me.

“The Lord is king forever and ever; the (people) perish from His land.”  If you want to personalize it – “The Lord is king forever and ever; (I and my family) perish from His land.”

I think any sober person would, today, looking around, say “The United States is fast running downhill over the cliff.”  But who is the United States?  It is the people; it is you and me.

How we live the game of life does not save us because only Christ can do that, but it does produce either good or bad fruit.  And we know that true faith, being truly “born again,” results in a transformed life where we are not over God nor are we His equals, but we are His servants, kneeling before Him, with an overwhelming desire to follow Him and His rules of the game of life.

Which rules do we follow?  That is the question of the week.  As someone once said, if you were accused of being a Christian, is there enough evidence to convict you?  If we follow the game of life according to the world’s rules, quite frankly there will probably not be much evidence.  If we follow the game of life according to God’s rules, we will be convicted by clear and convincing evidence.  The nations will perish, but will we?

For those who believe in Christ, there is salvation from death and we will not perish.

We say we believe in Christ, but do we?

Do we play by His rules or ours?

If we play by our rules, where is the evidence that we truly believe in Him?


© 2016 GBF  All Scripture quotations are from the English Standard Version (2001), unless otherwise indicated.







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