Bread – Checklist

February 6, 2015

Readings for Friday, February 6, 2015, designated by the 1979 Book of Common Prayer: Isa. 56:1-8; Gal. 5:16-24; Mark 9:2-13; Psalms 69,73


At the end of any effort there should be an evaluation, a self-testing about what things could have been done better, were done well, or were not done at all. To this evaluation, there is a checklist of expected outcomes or results or a checklist of particular actions.

Galatians today gives us a checklist and we should take the time on Friday to evaluate our week. I propose using God’s checklist to see where we are.

Which of these things have we done this week?

_____ engaged in thought or action involving sexual immorality

_____ been impure in thought or deed

_____ been sensual or appreciated the sensuality in others

_____ practiced idolatry, worshiping the job, money, things, people, or anything other than God

_____ committed sorcery, the summoning of help by magic or incantation or special words

_____ had enmity between yourself and your spouse, your children, your neighbors, your fellow workers, or anyone else

_____ was involved in strife of your own doing, either by initiating or responding (pouring fuel on the flame)

_____ was jealous of what someone else had or had accomplished

_____ engaged in fits of anger at yourself, at others, at things, at circumstances, at events

_____ engaged in rivalries to prove that you were the best at something

_____ engaged in dissensions, disagreements, or arguments

_____ did or said things which divide people rather than bring them together

_____ envied someone else or something else

_____ became drunk, intoxicated, or drugged

_____ engaged in orgies (normally of sex, but perhaps of eating or other “over the top” indulgences)

Do you have any checkmarks on your checklist. I daresay everyone does.

What was this checklist? This checklist belongs to those who act according to the flesh, according to themselves and the world, and not according to the Holy Spirit. This checklist is the list of things provided by Paul in today’s readings which is what we can expect if we are not saved by grace and empowered on a minute-by-minute basis by the Holy Spirit. This checklist is who we are when we are walking according to the human spirit instead of the divine spirit.

So it is true that you can say, if you have any checkmarks above, that you are “only human.”

But we are called as Christians to be more than “only” human. Once Christ is in us and we are in Him we are a new creation and no longer “only” human.

We are called to look at ourselves every Friday, to look at the above checklist, and to find nothing listed which we can say we did this last week.

So unlike the kind of checklist where, if you want a good evaluation, you have everything checked off, this is the kind of checklist where you will want, as a child of God, to have nothing checked off.

Will we ever get there this side of heaven? Probably not, but living in the power of the Holy Spirit, living according to God’s commands, living in obedience to Him, we will get better and better and better … and there will be fewer checkmarks on our human fleshly checklist. Why, because with man nothing is possible but with God, everything is.

Thanks be to God. Come Holy Spirit.


© 2015 GBF


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