Bread – Light

May 4, 2011

Readings for Wednesday, May 4, designated by the Book of Common Prayer: Dan. 2:17-30; 1 John 2:12-17; John 17:20-26; Psalms 12, 13, 14, 119:1-24


In our reading from Daniel today, Nebuchadnezzar has received a dream from God which he cannot understand. He has asked the wise men of Babylon to help him and, when they can’t, he has ordered them killed. Daniel steps forward and volunteers to interpret the dream and then goes home and wonders with his friends what mess he has gotten himself into. He asks them to ask God for wisdom so that Daniel will understand the dream. During the night, he receives this wisdom in his own dream, and when he wakes up he praises God. As part of this praise, Daniel says this: “…He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him.” Dan. 2:22

For some reason this passage stuck with me this morning. God knows what lies in the darkness but darkness does not live with Him. It is light, the light of truth, of wisdom, of illumination which dwells or lives with Him.

If I were to dwell with you and someone were trying to find me, they would look in your house. Light dwells with God. Therefore, if you would find light, if you would find wisdom, you would look in God’s house for it.

This is why Daniel and his friends prayed to God for wisdom. There is no use in praying to anyone else because the light of wisdom dwells, or lives, with God. Nebuchadnezzar could not find wisdom because he was searching for it in the houses of his “wise men.” The wise men could not find wisdom because they were searching for it in their education, their training, their special relationships with their own idols or gods. They were “looking in all the wrong places.”

Just the past two days we have had an objective lesson in finding something where it dwells. Bin Laden was not to be found in a cave because he did not live there. If we wanted to find Bin Laden, we had to look for where he lived. Once we knew where he lived, then we knew where to find him.

I think I, and I am sure you, are always on the outlook for illumination into our circumstances. Perhaps we are seeking the light of wisdom and understanding in our relations with our children or our parents, perhaps in our relations with our boss or the people we work with. Perhaps the wisdom we seek is in finding a good job, or how to balance the budget, or maybe even whether the watermelon we are getting ready to buy is any good. We are always on the prowl to be enlightened in decisions large and small, momentous and minor, short-lived or long-lasting.

Why do we search so hard when we know where light dwells? Why do we not go visit light where it lives, with God? And why do we look for darkness in God’s house when we know that darkness does not dwell, does not live, with God?

Where does God live so that we might find the light of wisdom and truth? What is His address? If you don’t already know the answer to that question, let me know and I’ll hook you up with this guy I know with the initials “JC” who can answer your question. If you do know the answer to the question, when was the last time you went there for light?



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