Bread – Small Beginnings

May 28, 2010

Readings for Friday, May 28 as
    designated by the Book of Common Prayer:
    Prov. 23:19-24:2; 1 Tim. 5:17-25; Matt. 13:31-35
    Psalms 31, 35

Many of us are from small beginnings.  Perhaps we grew up in poverty, where the idea of a car or three meals a day was a doubtful proposition.  Perhaps we were born handicapped in some physical manner.  Perhaps we were born into difficult situations caused by criminal activity, alcohol, drugs, or other addictions.  Sometimes we are born into circumstances where we have no access to a way out – no access to education, no access to good role models, perhaps even no access to newspapers.  Perhaps we start off with small beginnings because our hearts are hardened early in life, our thoughts become stagnated, our hopes dim, In any event, all of us start off at conception as something almost microscopic, so in a very real sense we all start with small beginnings.

The kingdom of God came into the world – started – as a small beginning as well.  In our reading in Matthew today, Jesus says "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed…Although it is the smallest of seeds…" Matt. 13:31-32.  It started small, in the womb of Mary, as small as we start.  And it has grown into a mighty tree, having many branches and abundantly supporting many "birds of the air."  Matt. 33:32.

The kingdom of heaven grew from the smallest beginning to full blossom through the obedience of Jesus to His Father to the cross.  We can grow as well, following the same path.  We can grow from smallness to greatness, able to support many "birds" in our "branches," by following in the same path as Jesus, with one major difference.  Jesus was obedient to the Father unto death because our sin, the sin of the world, had to be dealt with before a holy God.  Jesus was obedient to death; all we have to do is be obedient to Jesus unto life – why, because He died for us so that we might have life and have it abundantly (sounds like a lot of birds in the tree, doesn’t it?).

Have you begun with small beginnings?  Do you feel small and tiny today?  Embrace Jesus Christ, embrace the Kingdom of God.  Believe in Him.  And the mustard seed of faith planted in your life will, and you will along with it, end up large, growing into abundance and glory.



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